(c) 2016 Tina Flux Art 

This orginal artwork is painted with acrylic paint on a 30x 15 x 1.5 inch canvas.  The sides are painted grey. There is hanging hardware on the back. It is varnished with a glossy finish.

Cedar trees are referred as 'The mother tree' or 'Tree of life' by the Coast Salish people.

The Coast Salish people have a story about the origins of the western red cedar tree. Here is a summary. There was once a resourceful, kind and generous man. He was good, caring and shared with all people. The creator declared that when the man dies, a red cedar tree will grow where he is buried so the generous and giving spirit of the man will be honoured and his generous spirit will continue on in western red cedar trees.

Cedar trees can be used to make baskets, hats, canoes, paddles, clothing, totem poles, masks, medicine, housing and many other items.

The Provider